This award is made each year, beginning in September 1993, in memory and honor of P/C Jack B. Ford, JN, who was the District 27 Teaching Aid (as it was called then) Chairman for many years. P/C Jack B. Ford, JN won, or shared with other Squadrons, first place in the Morse-Dreher Trophy. Jack prepared many training aids after he arrived at the Annual Meeting in Miami Beach, Florida each year and won many prizes. It was often truly said that Jack could make a training aid out of almost anything.

This award was first presented at the 1994 Catawba Sail and Power Squadron Change of Watch for the calendar year 1993.
1993 Heinz W. Boden, AP
1998 *Fred G. Sleeman, AP
2003 Joseph W. Jordan, AP
1994 * Janet M. Crawford, P
1999 John J. Riedel, AP
2004 James R. Van Blarcom, AP
1995 *Fred G. Sleeman, AP
2000 James R. Van Blarcom, AP
2005  through 2015 No Entry
1996 *Fred G. Sleeman, AP
2001 * Elwyn Case, SN
2016 Barbara J. Beers, S
1997 *Fred G. Sleeman, AP
2002 * William C. Wilson, JN
The past winners of this award are:
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